Course Description In this high speed 45-minute course split into five sections, you will learn everything you need to start buying and selling websites on Flippa. In section one you will learn basics of the Flippa Marketplace. Everything from the fees and features from both the buyers and seller’s perspectives. In section two you will learn the basics of doing your due diligence from both a buyer and sellers perspective. Everything from verifying revenue and traffic sources to analyzing the seller’s notes. In section three you will learn exclusive deal structures that allow you to start with smaller upfront investments as well as negotiation tactics from both the buyer and seller’s perspectives. In section four you will learn what needs to be managed in first 90 days after the transaction on Flippa. Covering everything from starting a group chat on Slack to providing a standard operating procedure (SOP) document from both buyer and sellers perspectives. In the fifth and final section, you will learn about the ability to finance businesses on Flippa. Going over the steps to get financing for buying businesses on Flippa and the entire brief overview of the first four sections. Your Instructor McGarry Steve McGarry is an entrepreneur, content creator, and investor based in Tampa, Florida. In 2014, Steve raised $3.5 million for his startup LendLayer which was acquired by Max Levchin’s (founder of PayPal) startup Affirm. In the last 5 years, Steve has built an online community that reaches 2.4 million people every month on social media, developed a portfolio of over 20 cash flow positive websites, and successfully sold dozens of online businesses. Currently, he’s pioneering a new industry called the “The Earn Economy” with his viral marketing startup AC3, valued at $20 million in 2018. Class Curriculum Start Section 1: Introduction – How to Buy and Sell on Flippa Start Section 2: DD – The Basics of Due Diligence Start Section 3: Deals & Negotiations Start Section 4: Post Acquisition. First 90-Days Start Section 5: Financing a Business on Flippa

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